Chapter Fifteen

Plop. Plop. Plop. Matt kept his eyes focused on the water dripping from the ceiling. All his energy was being channeled into two things: the dripping water and not strangling Rose. She lay in a pitiful heap on the other side of the cell. She hadn’t stopped crying since they were thrown inside the cell. […]

Chapter Fourteen

  The tent walls did nothing to prevent the invasion of the bullets that stormed the area and prematurely ended the conversation between Matt and Rose. In the brief moment that it took for him to realize what was happening, instinct took over and he dove towards his betrayer and shielded them both behind a […]

Chapter Thirteen

The jerk of the plane as the wheels hit the ground woke him up. He had no idea how he had fallen asleep during the short flight to Congo. He was evidently tired and the long nights of pondering in that cell had affected him so much. “I wish this nightmare would end” he thought […]

Chapter Twelve

    Aislin had appeared just in time to calm Matt down. The Psychiatrist, Dr. Abiyola, gave him flying colours after an assortment of sordid tests. Naturally, Gretchen was a little annoyed at all this, because proving insanity was going to be her get-out-jail-free card for Matt. Literally. Now she had to figure out another […]

Chapter Eleven

“What the….” Matthew shouted taking two steps backwards. “Whoa its those pills Gretchen and her doctor gave me, l’m starting to see things like Rose standing in front of me. I need to stay hydrated” he mumbled. “Hey officer,can l get some water?” “This is no hotel, you criminal” the officer shouted harshly as Matthew slipped […]

Chapter Ten

Shamim Kelly Chapter 10 What was that?! What’s that noise” Matt exclaimed. “Nothing Matt, just stay focused. Tell me the rest.” Matt tried his best to focus on narrating the events of the past few days but that scratching sound  that seemed to come from the roof unnerved him. Gretchen could see a hint of […]

Chapter Nine

  Matthew lay in the dark dingy cell, on an insomniac mattress laden with protruding springs. His mind cluttered with puzzle pieces, each piece an enigma coming together in an immediate unwelcomed realization that he was the main piece of the puzzle. “Whitman set me up,” he whispered to himself. Whitman had been the backseat […]